Shaikh Abraham Alakhdar

Sheikh Ali al-huzaifi grew up in a devout family, his father was an imam and an orator in the Saudi army. He was educated first in his book, the Holy Quran, given by Sheikh Mohammed Bin Ibrahim Al-huzaifi, saving some of its parts, and save some narratives examined in forensic science. In 1381, he joined Salafist school eligibility b baljurashi graduated with the equivalent of middle school, then joined the Scientific Institute in the year 1383 baljurashi graduated in 1388, complementary to the secondary stage. Continued his university studies in the Faculty of Sharia at the Imam Muhammad Bin Saud Islamic University in Riyadh in 1388 and graduated in 1392, after graduating into the Scientific Institute on teacher baljurashi and he taught exegesis and grammar and the line alongside his Imamate, oratory in collector baljurashi. Got a Masters degree from the University of Al Azhar in 1395, and his PhD from the same University Department of literature Policy Division. Work at the Islamic University in 1397, he studied jurisprudence and in the Faculty of Sharia, and studied at the College of the modern school of preaching and theology, and taught doctrines, Department of graduate studies, and is taught by Faculty of Quran readings section of readings. In addition to his teaching, he took over the leadership and public speaking for periods in the Quba mosque and then appointed an imam and an orator of the Prophet's mosque in 1399, and was then transferred to the Holy Mosque Imam in the first Ramadan in 1401 and was an imam and an orator of the Prophet's mosque in 1402 and continued to 1418.